Protection for your PC

I was talking about getting a mains extension lead with surge protection for my new PC when someone kindly offerred me a small Belkin UPS that was surplus to requirements. It had two rows of three sockets (one row surge protected and the other row battery backed) and a switch to turn them all off. This was ideal for my PC and dual monitor setup. I tried the surge protected sockets first and then swapped over to the row of battery backed sockets, mainly because it gave a more convenient arrangement of boxes and cables.

As luck would have it, a few days later I was in the office when the lights suddenly started flashing on and off like something out of Scooby Doo. After about 30 seconds they went out completely, leaving the poor little UPS was buzzing and beeping frantically. I calmly shut down the PC (not quite so calm when Windows decided to install some updates) and the buzzing and beeping subsided. I switched everything off and finished the day working from home.

In the past I would have considered having a UPS for a desktop PC as overkill, but they are not very expensive and well worth it for the peace of mind. The electricity company have now fixed the fault so there should be no more episodes like the one just described, but I’m keeping that UPS right where it is.

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