Coming soon – Embunit

The first version of the unit testing tool is complete. I am just sorting out the final details like the installer, license keys, web site, example projects etc.

The name of the product is Embunit and it runs on .NET 4.0, which means if you are running Windows XP you need SP3. If this proves to be an obstacle I will build a version that runs on an earlier version of .NET (most likely 2.0 or 3.5). The problem with the earlier versions is that if you don’t already have the .NET framework you’re looking at a 200MB download, whereas .NET 4.0 is about 41MB for the Client Profile. I was really surprised to discover that my laptop runs Microsoft Office 2010 with no .NET framework whatsoever!

Note: There is a sourceforge project called Embedded Unit that uses the abbreviation embUnit. That is nothing to do with my product and hopefully there won’t be too much (added) confusion. A quick search of unit testing tools and frameworks throws up a plethora of similar sounding names; so I’m in good company.

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